Padblock Testimonial – October 2018
This September I made my first real estate purchase with my boyfriend; it was for a townhouse in North Jersey. I am not well versed in the real estate business, so I naturally went to my parents for advice on how to go about choosing a realtor, area, etc. We ultimately settled on a family friend as our realtor.
I didn’t really understand the home buying process at the time, and it was only after 
falling in love with a house that we pursued approval for a mortgage. The entire process after choosing the house we fell in love with was a mess. The mortgage company gave us one in-house representative to speak too as well as two other faceless names that kept up with all of our information. The lawyer that we choose was not well-versed in real estate and did not know that we needed a title company, nor did he even show up for closing. I was receiving up
to seven phone calls in a day from people I had never met before claiming to be in charge of another part of our process. It was a mess.
It wasn’t until thoroughly researching Padblock’s platform that I learned what was going 
on during my home buying process and what should have been done that wasn’t. Padblock completely opened up my eyes and allowed me to connect the dots that led up to our closing.
This platform enables the home buyer to take matters into their own hands. By having a fully vetted list of professionals to work with I would have been able to avoid all of the unknown phone calls and unreliable “experts” that I had entrusted our private information with. 
When I close on another house in the future, I will have professionals that I am comfortable with and know have my best interests at heart.
Hopefully, the next time we close on a house there will be more than just ourselves and the title agent there to support us.


Padblock Testimonial – September 2018

I bought a house in September.  It is about four months since I began browsing for a house. I would say the process took less time than I expected, considering that some of my friends have taken about six months or more. I used PadBlock to guide me throughout the process. From getting a mortgage, writing a contract, inspecting the house, negotiating the terms, and getting the house appraised. PadBlock helped me step by step towards the very end until I got the keys to my new house. I would say PadBlock is very educational and helpful for me, as a first time home buyer, to fulfill my dream of owning a house.